Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 9th, 2017. Tuesday

Had a rough day today.   The riding was great and I felt good after a decent rest day.  I've learned to caution myself after coming off a day of rest for it is easy to push too hard and trash your body for the next days ride.  Having said that, I put 48km on my odometer today, however, I only net 35km for I had to come back to the point where I had lunch.  I had planned to fill up my camp jugs with water at a fuel station up the road; one that doesn't exist except on Google Maps.  Yes I gambled.  Yes I chewed myself out using some fabulously colorful expletives. 

On my return towards civilization - for the way I had been traveling was nothing but jungles until Georgetown - I noticed no one was home to approach and ask for water and a place to make camp.  I did approach two seperate homes, each of which had a gentleman sitting on the front porch.  Neither spoke a lick of English, and one of those left me with interesting thoughts to ponder for a later time, such as...

What compels a person to nod their head, and utter "yeah", when asked if I may pitch a tent for an evening?

I've encountered this phenomenon before, so rather than ask, "Am I in Albuquerque?", I asked instead, knowing full well I had lunch there earlier, "Which is the way to Dollar General?".  To which I received an enthusiastic nod and an "Yeah."

This is a negative line of thinking, and I suspect that I was still upset with my earlier gamble to take on water when I had the chance.  Reflecting on it now, had I had a full complement of water, riding bottles and camp water, chances are I would not have found enough of a clearing to set up a mosquito screen.

I nearly forgot to mention, that while on my "joy ride", I hit a soft driveway.  This had the effect of completely stopping my bikes forward progress causing me to lose balance, and with both feet still locked to the pedals, fell to the asphalt into the highway.

In all of my travels on a bicycle, South Carolina is the first to have a black-lettering on white-background sign posted, stating, "Share The Road" with a Yellow diamond with a black bicycle just above it.   The important and significant part of this is the former, indicating that it is law and not a suggestion.  Hats off to South Carolina for being the first to display what is law...the first that I'm aware of.

Having said that, I have some rather disturbing news to share...all from South Carolina.   In the last two riding days, three vehicles approaching us from behind, for one reason or another, have found themselves screaming past us in the center (grass divide) Hwy divide, or beyond the shoulder (to our right), completely off the paved portion of the road in all instances.  One of which got sideways giving me a great look at his SUV's under carriage.

I'm hoping my friend, "The Flying Dutchman" (from an earlier post) is still alive and well.  He warned me about South Carolina drivers.

I made camp near the town of McClellanville on Dwights huge garden lot, with his permission of course.  I volunteered to help with weeding for allowing me to make camp.  He said it was not necessary and I said that that was fine.  (see photos). (I am unable to assign photo captions from this app.)  :-( 

Later, a friend (or acquaintance) of Dwight's came by to inquire about our journey.  We chatted quite a while before parting ways.  Later, that same fella brought us the care package that you will find pictured here.  Thank you for the thoughtful package.  :-)

This post, by the way, was brought to you by, "Black & Tan".  Got a good buzz on!

Just 37km to Georgetown for tomorrows ride.

Ride on!

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