Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 23, 2017, Tuesday. Shallotte to Wilmington, NC.

May 20th, Saturday, Daisy and I (mostly me) packed up camp in Shallotte, North Carolina so we could put some miles behind us.  I stopped at a Wal-Mart to pick up some essentials that were near depletion, such as instant coffee, powdered milk, onion powder, bug repellant, and salt.

This day I would travel 38km along Highway 17 and a good portion of the Business Highway 17 that parallels the modern highway and is less traveled.  I made frequent stops, about every hour to allow my body to cool down and to keep hydrated.  There comes a point to which a body can no longer cool down, that point where evaporation of perspiration no longer occurs, and can be quite dangerous.  Crossing the line into heat exhaustion and dehydration is a very real danger.
I stopped at the Bolivia fire tower, pictured in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  See also or @TourDePACLANTIC on Twitter.
Today I received my first recognition/sighting.  A young man at a fuel station, after having seen Daisy and myself on the evening television news came up and said, "I saw you on TV!!".  I will include the "selfies" with these folks as I meet them.  Note:  On Friday, I met with Lindsay of The Brunswick Beacon (Shallotte, NC newspaper) and immediately following with Kirsten Gutierrez of WWAY Television News 3 based out of Wilmington, NC.)

I finished the day of riding at Town Creek Park and made dinner.  I found a place to make camp nearby.

May 21, Sunday, I met with Zach Driver of for an early afternoon interview which would later that evening be broadcast for the evening news.  I stayed put and took off the remainder of the day.

May 22, Monday, we would travel a total of 50 kilometers for the day.  Several times I had to pull over and seek shelter from a passing rain shower.
The highlight of my day, was my first stop at the USS North Carolina (check it out online at  I arrived at exactly the correct time to witness "The Laying of the Wreath" for the National Maritime Day, the day where we recognize all those who perished at sea.  The city put on a wonderful display in memory of all of these mariners lost at sea.

I didn't pay for admission to step aboard the "USS North Carolina".  Today I only had money for essentials.  Check out my photographs on #Facebook.
I rode down #historic Market Street which becomes Business Highway 17 (one and the same) along its length.  What a beautiful ride;  churches, cathedrals, sprawling cemeteries.

Along the way, and I kid (joke) you not, there was so many folks that recognized us from evening television news.  It warms my heart to see that people recognize the cause, including two school busses full of kids.  Of course we could not have reached these folks without the community's support, for which we (Daisy, myself, and "Veterans and Their Pets" see also ) are most grateful!!!

The folks I wish to give thanks to are:
The Brunswick Beacon
Zach Driver
Kirsten Gutierrez
All of #Wilmington #NorthCarolina

I had a camp picked out for the end of today's ride, for which I will be able to share with you at a later time.  For reasons of privacy and respect for the folks involved, I must wait...and so must y'all.  I had my tent up in record time, fed and watered my girl dog (Daisy), walked her for her evening potty break and entered the tent as the rain started coming down.

For #veterans, for their #pets, for "Veterans and Their Pets"
I hope y'all enjoy. 
Until next post...

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