Friday, May 12, 2017

May 11th, 2017. Thursday Georgetown

I've given up on my Blogger App. I had a post completed for Thursday evening and at this time, Friday morning, it remains locked in the app. Some sort of error. I'm really frustrated with this Google App. This "post" is being typed up as an email and hopefully will be posted properly when I hit send.  (Immediately prior to post, I have tried (and failed) to upload photos through all three applications used for blogger:  The android app, email, and online.  What a pain in my ass.  I am extremely dissatisfied with this particular form of social media (Blogger specifically).  Sorry y'all.

Wednesday, May 10th, we left McClellanville for Georgetown, South Carolina and made two stops along the way for a total of 39km traveled on the day. The stops at Hampton and Hopsewee Plantations were posted on either (or both) Instagram or Facebook.

I also made a water stop to fill camp jugs just prior to my arrival at camp and met a wonderful family whom topped us off with water and sent us packing with a parting care package. Thank you all for your assistance! (I forgot to get a selfie with these folks and I suspect that fatigue and heat played a role in this.)

Thursday, May 11th, a down day. I spent most of yesterday re-hydrating. It's amazing how easy it is to lose water on the road with only subtle indications that are easily overlooked.
Today I hydrated, read a good portion of my new-to-me book, "Dune" by Frank Herbert, and fiddled around with culinary experiments (also new to me).

I played with cactus in the kitchen today. Nopal, to be exact, and is commonly known also as prickly pear. The fruit, pads, and flower petals are all edible. Today I played with the pad.

There is a lot of work involved with preparation, and for me, little reward. In the future, I'll wait until I'm starving. Cutting out the stickers would have been easier with a pearing knife instead of a machete, but I was patient and not starving. I ate two pads, one cooked and one raw. Both pads were young and tender and still, though easier to cut into, more difficult to work with. There is the slime or goo factor, similar to okra, which is not a problem for me. Again, for me, it comes down to effort vs. reward.

With photos, I always like to start with the attention-getter, Daisy, America's favorite cross country dog. All photos with Daisy involved food and therefore she had on the ultimate "beg-face" going on. All photos should be self explanitory. Yes, I was eating Nopal in my pajamas.

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