Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 2, 2017, Tuesday

On April 30, Sunday, we got an early start from the home of our hosts in Port Wentworth.  I knew that there was a possibility of being held up at the Savannah river crossing due to bridge maintenance.  Fortunately we were able to cross after an hours wait for an escort across.  Thank you Mr. Keith!

The day was both hot and humid and this is the day that we crossed into South Carolina.  I shot a couple of videos during the crossing of state lines- to be posted at a later time, one for "Veterans and Their Pets(SM)" and the other for one of our sponsors, SunUp Eco.  This particular area was in the protected Savannah marsh lands.  I traveled 46.3km (29miles) this day to our camp in Ridgekonond South Carolina.

Monday, May 1, 2017, we had a restless night for we slept under an open night sky.  I had thought that the bugs would not be too bad, and packing up in the morning would be a breeze.  I was wrong on the former.

This day was also hot and humid, and we were held up for a rain downpour that lasted for an hour.  Afterwards, we hit a nearby museum, "The Frampton Plantation", then forged on to our next camp adjacent to the Old Sheldon Church Ruins for a total of 36.1km on the day.

Be sheer luck, I ran across a Facebook feed from WSAV news that warned of weather.  In the nick of time I put up my tents rain fly and stowed my electronics.  Thank you !

Tuesday, May 2nd, I decided to take a breather in this historic area.  Last night, with the rain fly on the tent, we sweat inside until the rains brought the temperature down to a manageable level.

Packing up now for a trip to a boat ramp just 32km north on Hwy 17.
Old Sheldon Church Ruins
Frampton Plantation
Centralized Grade School, Ridgeland, South Carolina

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