Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 3, 2017, Wednesday. Harriet Tubman

Traveled 36km today and now am just 62.4km West of Charleston, South Carolina.

The day of travel was uneventful and I only snapped a few photos along the way.  The bridge pictured here is dedicated to Harriet Tubman, a slave, a free woman, an abolitionist, a spy and a veteran among many other things.
She was born Araminta Ross, had 8 siblings, and later changed her name taking her husband's last name, Tubman.

During her time in the "Underground railroad" she is credited with freeing 300 slaves.
Harriet was also a spy and often armed while working for the government at one point.   I read, online, that she had said she was owed $30 per month for approximately 34 months service.  At the time, spy's were paid $60 whereas infantry received $15.  It is common knowledge that it took her 34 years to receive her veteran's pension.  Our government seems to be consistent through the years.
Here is to Harriet Tubman and others who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Right now, I'm sitting at a park bench at the Ashepoo River, just off Highway 17 - Ace Basin Parkway, next to a boat ramp.  (I'd like to give thanks to the folks that gave me permission to stay the evening here...Thank you!)  I've included some photos of the floating vegetation as it drifts by the boat ramp.  The roots have little pontoons (balloons) that keep it afloat.  There's also gators (alligators to you yanks) here, and saw one prowlin' the water not 25 yards out.  I'm going to set camp away from the water tonight for both my own and Daisy's safety.

Ashepoo River
Harriet Tubman bridge

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