Saturday, May 27, 2017

May 26, 2017, Friday. Holly Ridge to Jacksonville, NC.

May 25, Thursday, while airing out and drying laundry and bedding from the previous days rains, high winds picked up forcing me to find ways to keep it all from blowing away.  I thought long and hard about taking advantage of these high winds; they seemed to be heading my direction.

The temperature dropped dramatically and the little sky that was visible to me (for the towering trees surrounding the area crops the view of the sky) clouded over until it appeared to be dusk in late morning.  It wasn't long until the rain and hail poured down.  I would stay put this day.

May 26, Friday, (51 kilometers traveled) well rested, Daisy and I left the VFW Post 9983 in Holly Ridge for Jacksonville, North Carolina.  The day before, I had mapped a possible destination, a boat ramp/park that looked somewhat promising.

Along the way on Highway 17, I ran into a sign (pictured here) that had Camp LeJeune printed on it.  It was a cemetery, transfered here from Camp Lejeune from when the government acquired the property.  Grave markers that were once made of wood were replaced with a slab of marble.  I hope the photos of the printed history is visible.  My ability to preview the photos is limited while on the road.  Let me know, I have others.
In Jacksonville, I stopped for ice cream.  See my post on Facebook.

The boatramp and park was not what I had hoped for, and after talking to a couple of fellow homeless veterans, found that Jacksonville frowns hard upon homeless lingering anywhere for any length of time (according to my sources).  The veteran that shared the info informed me that he will be on the next Greyhound to Albuquerque, New Mexico when his next social security check arrives.  I told him that he's a long way from home.

Back on the bike following a nice break and chat with my new acquaintance, I scouted for a laundromat and a Dollar General for some white rice and canned milk.

The laundrymat was full of standard (small load) machines, none of which are suitable for tumble washing a sleeping bag.

As I was running out of civilization, the very north outskirts of Jacksonville area, I started asking around about making camp.  It was after one such inquiry that the Jacksonville Daily News ( ) had returned my earlier calls.

Alan Lane, freelance photographer for the Daily News was interested in meeting Daisy and I.  I stopped in at J & W Sales, Inc., and asked for permission to bed down on the property for the night and accept a visitor for an interview.  I received a yes to both.

Thanks go out to all those I met today, especially...

Alan Lane
Wilbur Parker & family
J & W Sales, Inc.
Jacksonville Daily News
The two homeless veterans
And others that shook my hand!

Photos will arrive in the next post.  I'm having Blogger issues.

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