Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 19, 2017, Friday. Shallotte NC

May 17, Wednesday, was a down day for us.  I finished reading "Dune Messiah" by Frank Herbert. 

A few people strolling by with dogs in tow asked, "Are you that homeless veteran we saw on TV?".  I replied, "Yes, thanks for asking.".  It is nice to know that we are reaching out to others and gaining some recognition for "Veterans and Their Pets".  I don't get to enjoy these news casts with exception of participating with the journalists in sharing our story.

May 18th, Thursday, we left North Myrtle Beach, as well as South Carolina, via Hwy 17.  I made a stop at the state line to collect some photos and videos of the moment.  We arrived at the Brunswick County Visitors Center, a rest stop just inside of North Carolina.  We traveled 38km today.

Before bed, I reached out to Shallotte and Wilmington media outlets.  A call back from Lindsay Kris at The Brunswick Beacon led to a scheduled interview at 9:30a.m. the following day.

May 19th, Friday, I met with Lindsay at The Brunswick Beacon at 9:30.  Daisy was welcomed inside to participate in the interview as well as receive all kinds of lovin' from the staff, as all the desks became vacant when they heard, "Puppy in the house!".  Daisy enjoyed the visit and frisked all the visitors for treats and snacks.
During the interview with Lindsay, I received two other calls for an interview.  I ended up taking the day off, as it was getting into the hot part of the day and reaching out to the public is of course priority.

Pictured is a gift from one of the rest area staff, an opened can of Gravy Train (she was uncertain that I had a can opener).  Thank you.  Also, a picture with Lindsey, Daisy with food on her tongue, and a meal of creamy rice, pasta, and chicken breast with an opened jar of delicious homemade salsa, a gift from some friends in Charleston, SC, Ethan and Allison Fugate. 

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