Friday, June 9, 2017

June 6, 2017, Tuesday. Edenton North Carolina

May 31, Wednesday, I finished my last post at 1:30pm and packed up to leave the VFW Post 2514.  My goal for the day was to reach Vanceboro, North Carolina.  I lingered in New Bern shooting tons of pix of the town when the sky started to cloud up.  This indicated to me that great volumes of rain was imminent.  I had a place picked out as a possible place to shelter upon my arrival to New Bern, Glenburnie Park, and getting there proved challenging.   Each time I thought that the light rain would become a down pour, I pulled into a business overhang to shelter my belongings.  Had I not stopped so many times, I would have had time to arrive at my destination at the park and set up my tent.

As it would happen, I pulled into a gas station just one mile from the park when the sky let loose.  I stayed there or three hours waiting for a lull in the rain to make a bee line for the park.  The total mileage for the day was 24 kilometers.

June 1, Thursday, I rolled up my bed roll for we stayed under a pavillion at the park.  On my way out I contacted both the radio station, and and the TV news station located on Glenburnie Dr.  Immediately the radio station said that they were interested in sharing our story.

Upon my arrival at the radio station, I was told to bring Daisy inside.  Before you know it, a small crowd had gathered in the front lobby and welcome hands and humans greeted the four legged visitor.  We took a tour of the entire station while Blando set up for our interview.

The link to the Facebook Live interview is  Check it out and let me know what you think of it.  

June 2, Friday, Down Day, Met with Nate Belt and Allen Fairbanks of at the College of Knowledge at the VFW Post 11119 in Vanceboro, NC.  The resulting story can be found at .

Following the interview, I replaced two spokes on my right side trailer wheel, then trued the rim as best as I was able given the tools that I had on hand.  I had some inner tube self sealing silicone/goo leftover so I put some in both tires.  On the left tire, after letting the air out, removing the stem, inserting silicone/goo, I replaced the valve stem and proceeded to pump up the tire.  At 80psi, I noticed that the inner tire bead had come off at the 5 and 7 O'clock position, pulling and therefore distorting the rim at both of those locations.  Talk about a sick feeling coming over me.  A needless adjustment had turned into another problem.  So much for the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"  I was able to pound out the distortions to hold the tire bead in place, but this rim will never again be trued properly.  I have it now where it will get me by, hopefully for the next few hundred miles.  I have included photos on my Facebook Group page.  I will assemble a Photo Album and place a link in a following post for your convenience.

June 3, Saturday Vanceboro, NC, to "Little" Washington, NC. 40km traveled.  I will attach a link to a photo album of my tour through town at a later time.  I called the local American Legion for a place to stay as well as rode to their location, dropped off a business card and asked for a return call.  Rather than wait for a call, I looked for a place to throw down a bedroll and found a park near by.  Last minute addition:  try this link to my photo album of Washington, NC.  Washington North Carolina Photo Album

June 4, Sunday, "Little" Washington, NC, to Williamston, NC, to boat ramp then Moratoc Park. 45km traveled.  A link to my Williamston, NC. Photo Album: Williamston North Carolina Photo Album

June 5, Monday, Down Day at Moratoc Park, met with WNCT Tamara Scott of WNCT 9 on your side.  Repaired Trailer hitch, bailing wire to bike frame.  The news broadcast link is

June 6, Tuesday, Williamston, NC, to Edenton, NC, American Legion Edenton Post 40. 59km traveled.  On the way to Edenton, I visited Windsor, NC.  Here is a link to that photo album...  Windsor North Carolina Photo Album
I would not visit Edenton, NC until later, but since I have access to the links on my laptop, here it is... Edenton, North Carolina Photo Album

I apologize for my late post y'all.  I will endeavor to be more timely!  Enjoy

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