Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 17, 2017, Saturday. Norfolk, Virginia

June 13, Tuesday, I called local news media outlets, went grocery shopping, then finished my previous blog post.  At the grocery store I bought another gallon of milk and a whole fryer chicken.  10 kilometers traveled this day riding into town and back.

June 14, Wednesday, I left my campsite at Chesapeake Campground with the knowledge that we were going to meet with a photographer for WTKR News 3 at the Waterside District in Norfolk, Virginia.

Along the way I had stopped to admire a bridge (South Norfolk Jordan Bridge) off in the distance and take a couple of shots with my camera.  Finished with my brief stop I had pulled up Google Maps to verify that the out-of-the-way route I was on was, in fact, still the least out-of-the-way route to be taken.  (It is evident that there is no such thing as easy directions here in Norfolk, and often while on the route to any given destination, one finds themselves going in the opposite direction.)  It was then that I realized that that bridge would need to be crossed.  Double labors where in my immediate future but I convinced myself that the vistas from the apex of the bridge would be worth the work getting to the top.  Indeed it was.  

Regarding shared photo albums, now and in the future...I will more than likely bunch all the photos together in my photo album according to the days ride, and not necessarily one particular location.  For instance, if I name an album by the city, it may include the ride into it, the ride out of it, or both, and not just scenes from the city for which the album is named.  I digress...

I met with Darryl Townsend of WTKR News 3 and shared our story with him and and answered questions at Waterside Marina in downtown Norfolk Virginia.  As soon as the story comes out, I will try to remember to locate the link and share it with y'all.  There will be some great Daisy shots in this one, I hope, for Darryl had Daisy do some unique things on film!

Following the interview, I traveled around downtown just a little, to prepare myself for a later visit and a more thorough picture taking session at that time.  As the day was winding down, I thought it best to make the 12km ride to the house of a very special person I met and whom subsequently invited me to her house for a brief visit.  My new friend Katie Perkins arrived to her home just seconds before Daisy and I pulled into her driveway.  Talk about perfect timing!

I apologize to you all and most of all to Katie Perkins for not mentioning her sooner.  I have given much thought about how I wanted to introduce her, give thanks, and layout exactly how significant her contributions were to our mission.  I've come to the conclusion that I could sit and think about it for a good long while and attempt to make it perfect, but my lack of writing skill will certainly prevent that from happening.

Katie is a most remarkable person and fellow cross country cyclist.  Although she has not completed a cross country, she made the attempt a few years back.  She left San Diego CA, visited the Imperial Sand Dunes (aka Glamis) (many films have shot on location here instead of the Sahara desert since it is much closer to home.  It is as beautiful as it is dangerous terrain) along the way.  When she arrived in the Phoenix area, in a city that was my last place of residence before I became homeless, the city of Mesa, AZ, she was struck by a Penske Rental van by a hit and run driver.  Katie was hospitalized for two weeks.

After meeting with and talking with Katie, I have since learned that the hit and run driver, although he indeed struck her and did in fact leave the scene, in fact left her for dead, and in fact neglected to call for emergency services, he was found not guilty for hit-and-run and all of the other aforementioned sins/crimes.  Katie hopes to, I am left with no doubt that she will, pick back up where she left off and continue her cross country. 

Last year Katie qualified for the Boston Marathon, not an easy feat.  She has been a wealth of information with regard to trail and giving guidance on sights to see while here in Virginia.  She's an avid hiker, kyaker, and all around outdoors man.

She showed me her house, the room that she offered to let me stay in, and pushed me in the bathroom.  Hint hint, nudge, nudge, take a shower.  lol

Her friend Richard, shown in one of the photos, arrived to her house as Katie kept an eye on the TV for the news story on Channel 3 news.  We gave up on seeing the story and I was treated to an amazing dinner at Uno's.  It was an amazing dinner, a most memorable occasion to hear these two talk of their 50k runs, their acheivements, and their interest in mine and Daisy's adventures.

I declined the room she offered and opted to stay in our tent in the backyard; the room was so done up I didn't want to mess it up.  

Katie Perkins, thank you for having us.  Thank you for granting me the freedom, allowing me to leave Daisy and camp, so that I may tour Nauticus, USS Wisconsin, Downtown Norfolk, and Portsmouth.  Thank you for your valuable guidance and warnings of various routes through Virginia.  Thank you for allowing me to upload files on your WiFi, and Daisy thanks you for the bath!  (I am writing this on Tuesday June 20, 2017 rather than visiting Jamestown, Virginia, mostly because I mismanaged my last dollar.   I couldn't be happier.  Our meeting was by far more meaningful to me.  My friends and I can Google Jamestown and check it out online.  ;-) )

To all of my friends, I would like to ask you to consider opening your home to Katie Perkins when she picks up her cross country tour.  She enjoys the solitude of the experience, but your assistance to a person on bike tour has certain joys, for the rider and yourself.  Don't pass up the opportunity to meet this wonderful person if you have the chance.

38 kilometers traveled today. 

June 15, Thursday, I awoke, saw jelly fish, went to thrift store and hopped on the light rail (light train/tram) to visit Nauticus, USS Wisconsin, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.  The all day pubic transit pass, $4 an change, allowed me to board the ferry to Portsmouth and back.  At the thrift store, I finally found a replacement walking shoe as well as a book on Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  $4.22 cents.  Can't beat that at all.  Now I have a pair of shoes for which to climb aboard the USS Wisconsin.  Again, this day was courtesy of Katie!  ;-)

I think that the photo albums will speak for themselves.

13 kilometers were traveled via actual bike travel today.

June 16, Friday, I uploaded photos, shopped online for shoes/cleats, trailer wheels, fished, and mostly spun my wheels trying to prioritize my needs...thinking of all that I needed to do first rather than just "doing".  I did manage to irritate a certain news desk, "Yes Harold, this is like the third time you've called."   Ooops, my bad.  (I'm gonna blame this one on Nathan Konz of Carroll Broadcasting Company (1380 AM KCIM radio)  lol

June 17, Saturday I rolled up camp, damp, for during the night the rain was steady, all night.  I got a late start for rains poured down just as I had my ride packed.  When I left Katie's house, the clouds were barely holding back their rains.  I stopped at two businesses, both of which looked at me funny when I asked to shelter for a moment from the passing storm.  I found my first shelter of the day at a weekly motel just down the road from today/s origin.  When a break in the storms appeared, about 45 minutes later, I made a run for it and found shelter, twice in fact, at two different automated/self serve car washes.  These places don't get used much when it's raining.  One of the photos I posted was of a Car and Dog Wash.  Yes, a dog wash.  Check out the photos!  Which reminds me, Katie helped me wash Daisy.  Daisy got her first bath of this tour at Katie's house!  Ride On!

****My brand new Cateye Padrone cycling computer finally failed entirely.  No more guessing as to what the LCD display reads for it is entirely blank.   Distance traveled this day I'll have to input my origin and destination in Google maps and arrive at an estimated figure.  This will not include all the wandering around that I do while on a days ride. 

(I am writing this on June 20th, and I have to get this one posted and start working on the next.  I'm getting behind and it's driving me nuts.  I want to dedicate this post to Katie Perkins (Ride On!), and the boat pix to Jax, a special young fella whom is already making a difference in his community and for "Veterans and Their Pets", military veterans, and their pets.  Thank you Jax!!!!)

Check out my photo albums.  I will include June 17, Saturday's - travel day-  on the next post!  Enjoy!!!

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