Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14, 2017, Friday Kings Ferry

We are leaving Kings Ferry Park, between Richmond Hill and Savannah, off of the Hwy17 at the Ogeechee River in Georgia today to head to Fort Wentworth, an hour and a half ride according to Google Maps.

First, I want to mention that I met, again, a fellow tour bike traveler named Jan, self proclaimed and appropriately nick named "The Flying Dutchman".  I noticed him crossing the Ogeechee River while I was taking Daisy for her morning walk.  I whistled a few times and when he noticed us, pulled over for a quick hello.

I met Jan at the "Smallest Church in America" when he pulled over to greet us and take a breather.  We showed off our bikes then he left us to finish his days ride.

Jan is on a bike with a decent load.  I suspect that we may not see him again, for we are carrying a serious load, not to mention precious cargo as well.  I inadvertently referred to Jan this morning as "The Lost Dutchman".  Lol. For my #Phoenix #Arizona folks, we know that at the Superstition Mountain out past the east valley, there is indeed a lost Dutchman, missing for years on his search for gold along with his pick axe, pack, and mule.  Recuperating is part of touring.  I'm sure Jan was on his down day(s), as I was when we first met, and will now be leaving Daisy and I far behind.

Ride on Jan!  Ride on Daisy!

I want to give thanks to the following folks for helping us on our way...

Veterans and Their Pets
Intelligent Design Cycles
SR Suntour
SunUp Eco

Ride on y'all!

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