Friday, February 17, 2017

February 17, 2017, Pre-trip update

During this past week, and at present, I am arranging for our departure to south eastern areas of the United States in an attempt to get us closer to the start of Tour De PACLANTIC on April 8, 2017 at St. Simons Island.  You all may have noticed that Daisy and I are in the wonderful and quaint town of Glidden Iowa, quite a distance from major metropolitan areas.  This task is easier said than done, and not without it's own set of complications, unknowns, and risks.  For a moment I gave consideration to purchasing a vehicle exclusively for this purpose.  Instead, I am discussing a trip south with a potential rideshare, an individual that is headed my way for a festival in Florida.

For the past week, I have been online posting in rideshare directories while keeping a close eye on dwindling savings.  A considerable amount of time has been spent wondering about "what-if's", which, as you know is not very productive.  For now, it would seem that progress is being made.
One of my bike parts arrived yesterday, and when I have a moment and more info, I will go into greater detail about it.  In part, I wish to give proper credit and thanks to all involved with making its arrival possible.  Mostly, I wish to make a post that is more detailed and complex than this brief accounting of this week's activities.

Today, I spent time taking photos of various projects in the works as well as sending a personalized thanks to the parties involved with the aforementioned bike part.  One of my current projects involves a used bike purchased from a local thrift shop which I will use to cannibalize various parts from and hopefully make my ride more comfortable.  My last cross country bike had drop style handle bars - of the ram horn shape, and they were really quite comfortable and functional allowing me to develop serious thrust by supporting myself on my arms while out of the saddle.  I have been concerned about the beach cruiser type bars on my current bike and feel that I now have something more suited for a cross country ride.

A considerable amount of time was spent at the library and not all of it was spent working efficiently.  This week Daisy was able to watch me work at the library and this was good for her socialization skills, even if her only motivation was to frisk and body search folks for treats on their person.  It was pleasant knowing that she enjoyed tagging along and remaining together with me.
I am not posting any photos with this post and am, in fact  cranking it out with my phone, away from a WiFi connection; data usage is a concern.  I will attempt to crank out another post tomorrow or early next week.

Have a wonderful and safe Presidents Day Weekend. 

If you haven't yet paid a visit to Veterans and Their Pets(SM), please do so and show your support.

Click on the link for more information about  Harold and Daisy.  Thank you Shelley Ridenour and David Jolkovski of the East Valley Tribune for sharing the story.


  1. I've enjoyed having you and Miss Daisy visit us at the library. Am looking forward to "following" you on your trip. Take care of yourself my friend...and safe travels.

    1. Sorry for the delay Erin, I just found your comment. I am looking forward to the trip also and glad to share it with you and others. Say hello to Glidden!
      Harold & Daisy