Friday, February 24, 2017

Kinston Alabama, Arrival

Photo by Harold Palmquist, Tour De PACLANTIC, Veterans and Their Pets, Harold and Daisy

This week was nothing less than a blur.  Since the post on February 17, 2017, Pre-trip update, I have managed to arrange a ride, pack up my belongings, leave Glidden, Iowa, and move to Kinston, Alabama.

On Craigslist, under "Community-Ride Share", I put up ads in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska; Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Carroll, and Sioux City, Iowa.  I talked with a few folks, one from the Omaha ad, and one that seemed somewhat promising from an area south west of Cedar Rapids.  Though we had conversed back and forth through Craigslist re-mailer, an anonymous form of communicating on an electronic bulletin board, I later found another individual that seemed more serious about heading south with me.

The fella that I eventually caught a ride with had no problem conversing in person via telephone, and was also fine with coming up from Kirksville, Missouri to pick us up in Glidden, Iowa.  The fact that I was out of this fella's way was not without an additional cost associated with the trip; a cost I was willing to spend.  On Sunday, February 19th, I received a call from the guy and we discussed a Tuesday departure.  On Monday, February 20th, I received a call from him, asking if I could be ready to go in a few hours.  I was more than a little wary of such an adjustment but when he arrived on time such concerns were negated.  Other than having to hurry packing and worry about leaving things to be forgotten, I knew I could live with such losses.  In reality, all I needed was a functioning bike, the trailer, dog, and bare essentials for the trip and that much I was certain that that had been packed.

In no time the truck was packed and we were off.  It turned out to be an 18.5 hour ride with a stop in Moberly, Missouri to have dinner at his parents home.   Together we shared driving responsibilities, and I spent most of my share driving at night.  We drove through Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama covering more than 1,119 miles.

This is how we roll, when not barking at passers-by

A little road trip nap...

Daisy, with bed head, waking up.

Part of the problem with traveling is having a destination.  I was fortunate enough to have met some great folks along the first tour, and Wayne of Kinston Alabama had told me that he was able to offer a destination for myself and Daisy.

When Wayne arrived, I was soaking wet from Alabama's usual.  Thank goodness there was no tornado.

Harold and Daisy, Tour De PACLANTIC, Veterans and Their Pets,
Daisy found high ground to get away from Bill.
 Daisy found high ground to get away from Bill...

 Daisy thinking this is normal behavior to climb right up on top of a table.

 Daisy isn't into Bill all that much...

Harold and Daisy, Tour De PACLANTIC, Veterans and Their Pets
Poor Bill.  Bill needs love too.  A whole lotta love.
Poor Bill.  Bill needs love too.   A whole lotta love.

At Wayne's house, we were welcomed by 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 5 humans; the Wayne and Bonnie Gray family.  Daisy, at this moment is finally coming down from an anxiety high, except where Bill is concerned.  The one member of the Gray family that gives her the most alarm is the one that most of us would fall in love with...Bill the puppy.  Bill, a porch puppy, is about 6 months old and has been kept on the porch for his own safety.  Bill has a tendency to deposit landmines (or porch mines) anywhere he sees fit.  In Alabama speak, this translates to, he craps pretty much anywhere...on the porch.  For Daisy, this means that going out to go potty, requires crossing the porch...landmines, Bill, and all the other tails wandering around out here in the woods.  Daisy has recovered from this super-sized social experience.  All except for Bill. 

Photo by Harold Palmquist, Tour De PACLANTIC, Veterans and Their Pets

Photo by Harold Palmquist, Kinston Alabama, Tour De PACLANTIC, Veterans and Their Pets


On Thursday, February 23rd, Wayne showed me just one of his favorite spots he enjoys fishing at.  Caught quite a few large mouth bass, all of which were not worth keeping and released them back to the water.  We saw a resident alligator wiggle his way through the water keeping an eye on us from a distance.  Hopefully I will get a shot of the 'gator while here in Kinston.  I hope to eventually show y'all some more of the surrounding areas of Kinston Alabama and the folks I meet while here.

For those of you that have been following the last tour, Kinston is between and to the south of Opp and Enterprise, Alabama, both of which were along my route along Highway 84.  As I rode through Opp, I arrived in time to see part of the rattle snake exhibit from the rattle snake festival.  I learned, while here on my current visit, that Wayne knows the man that was showing me the snakes.  Small world.  In Enterprise, I met the good folks at the VFW, Daleville VFW Post 6020, where they welcomed me in to wait out the rains.

Kinston is just 5.25 hours away, by car, from St. Simons Island, Georgia, and Wayne and I will be making that journey for my April 8, 2017 tour start at Massengale Park.  I am super excited for the next tour and for the fact that I am so close to meeting my obligation...being on time as stated in press releases.  Daisy and I will be there and hope to spend time with folks that decide to show up, and to share our story of how Veterans and Their Pets(SM) helped us.

Until next week...
Harold and Daisy  

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