Thursday, January 12, 2017

Trip Preparations

Harold Palmquist  Photo by Zia Nizami
During the tour, more than a couple folks have asked, "What is the most difficult part of planning a cross country bicycle ride?"

I have given this more than a little thought, and I would have to answer, "Committing yourself to doing it."

Once it is in your head that you intend to do it, how does that will do it?  For me it was as simple as a phone call.  I called Veterans and Their Pets(SM), told them to send me some banners for my bike trailer and that I would be riding cross country for them.  Before I could question myself to what I had just done, I realized immediately that I had just made quite a serious commitment.  This made the considerations of "can I do it" and "will I do it" a rather moot point.

Here is an article, Vet bikes through Belleville on cross-country journey from a few wonderful folks at Belleville News-Democrat in Belleville, Illinois.  Some names in particular that we are thankful to... Scott Wuerz, Steve Nagy, and Zia Nizami.

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