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June 27, 2017, Monday. Washington DC

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EXIT Mid-Atlantic Family reception for "Veterans and Their Pets"

June 21, Wednesday I would say goodbye to my new friend Nick O'Connel, President of A.R.F. or Animal Rescue Flights , and tour the town of Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia before making progress along my tour route.  First I want to give thanks to Nick for welcoming me into his home and disrupting the routine of "Maggie" and "Enzo" his two rescued dogs.  (If you don't remember these cuties, here is the link to my previous postNick is a pilot and spends a great deal of time and resources rescuing animals with his plane and by other means.  He states that he is credited with over 1000 rescues.

I road down Richmond Rd, and then down W Duke of Gloucester St.- the historic main street which is chained off to all but pedestrian traffic, and in my case "bike and chuck-wagon" touring rig - to visit and experience "Old Williamsburg".  On the way and before I arrived, I stopped in to visit the folks at Williamsburg's Radio Station - WMBG FM97.7 AM740 to share our mission.  They expressed an interest and asked if I could come back from 10am-2pm.

Continuing on down Richmond Rd., I snapped quite a few photos before arriving at W Duke of Gloucester St.  Here is where a person steps back into time to experience what it was like hundreds of years ago.  There are many volunteers and or employees that dress in period clothes that wander about, looking for lost or confused visitors, to give guidance and share their knowledge of the past with them.  I had to drop what I was doing several times as horse or ox drawn carts approached.  I did not wish to be escorted from the property for startling or causing a runaway stampede of beasts of burden.

I stumbled into a rather professional photo shoot involving #Pedigree, a #dog, #lighting, #setprops, and #photographers.  Again, I kept my distance so as not to interrupt the photo shoot.  Daisy, fortunately, was quiet, and or curious as well, and the set was not interrupted by us. I have to remember to check out Pedigree and attempt to see the end result of this photo shoot.  I should have asked for an autograph or "PAWtograph" #PAWtograph !

Two hours later I looked at my watch and was surprised to learn that it was 10:30am.  Where did the time go?  I rode back to WMBG FM97.7 to meet the producer.  While there, I met Ty Hodges, got a selfie and shared our story.  Ty said that his schedule was full but that he would certainly give "Veterans and Their Pets"(SM) a plug via #Facebook mentions and other #socialmedia sights.

On the way out Williamsburg, Virginia, I snapped many more photographs. As I approached my turn to hop onto the "Virginia Capital Trail", it occurred to me that I should at least try to sneak into Jamestown and the Jamestown Settlement for which I was advised that it was closed to the public.  I should clarify that these and other Historic sites, are only open to paying visitors.  #commercializing #history .  Y'all will have to #Google these sights if you wish to know more about them.  I did not have the money, nor was I willing to leave my rig and Daisy behind to visit these historic sights.

Following my tour of Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia, I hopped onto a wonderful bicycle trail called the "Virginia Capital Trail" which starts in Williamsburg and extends into Richmond,Virginia.  What an amazing ride it was, as you can see from my Photo Album.

It was mid afternoon when I arrived at Chickahominy Riverfront Park and I thought that I would ask how much it would be to pitch a tent for the night.  Can you believe they wanted $28 to pitch a tent?  Out of curriosity I asked whether or not that included electrical hook up and WiFi.  Electrical hookup up would be $31 per night.  My jaw dropped.  I said that was beyond my means and then asked if I may eat lunch on the property for free.  She pointed me to the boat ramp which had a nifty little picnic area adjacent to it.

At the picnic area is where I discovered a very disturbing equipment failure.  My trailer hitch had completely failed and was hanging by the safety strap.  Thank goodness for this strange stop - I had stopped out of curiosity, and for whatever reason that led me to inspect the hitch.  Had I not found this when I did, most surely this trailer would have separated from my bike!  I have included photos of trailer hitches below, one old and one new, and I think you will see the difference between the replacement part that has just recently arrived and the one that failed.

 I called "Veterans and Their Pets"(SM) and explained my predicament.  On the day of this post (click here for the link) to Facebook while in Vanceboro, North Carolina, I had called Michael West of  "Veterans and Their Pets"(SM) asking for help in troubleshooting my options and to advise that my time on the road would be limited for I had found micro fractures in my trailer rims, as well as noticed a worn hitch assembly.  (Michael West has toured via bicycle in the past (a thousand mile ride) and still gives good guidance while I've been on the road.)  In the course of busy schedules, we missed each others calls and call backs.  We both agreed that it was time to do the rickshaw trick with the trailer.  I've done it before and was prepared to do it again.  It is a simple matter to strap the bike and bags to the trailer and start hoofing it to the nearest repair facility.

I had called Susan and advised that my arrival would more than likely be a long way off.  She wouldn't hear of it.  She asked for my location and I gave her two, the second being a place outside the park since I had not paid for a nights stay.  I had no intention of staying the night here, but now that I was aware of my hitch issues, I was prepared to leave when asked to leave.  I gave Susan a back up location in the event I had to move.

Here is the PHOTO ALBUM of this day, start to finish.

Total mileage on the day was 42 kilometers.

June 22, Thursday Susan Fleming of EXIT Mid-Atlantic and Debbie Buckingham of EXIT By The Bay, drove out to my location at Chickahominy Riverfront Park to pick Daisy and I up along with all of our belongings.  Debbie bought ice cream for everyone including Daisy.  It should be noted that Daisy does not suffer from brain freeze, or perhaps she just hides it well.   Thank you both for bailing me out of my depressing situation!!!

While packing, Megan Henderson introduced herself to me and offered to help us load my trailer and bike.  Megan and I got a selfie together before I left.  Thank you for your assistance Megan!

Here is the PHOTO ALBUM of this day.  Photo albums for the following days of this post I will screen and assemble for the next post.

June 23, Friday, Susan and her daughter Genna took me out to La Tolteca for dinner, and to pick up a bunch of chorizo, a hispanic breakfast delicacy of spiced pork salivary glands.  Basically it is a spicy version of breakfast sausage.  Don't knock it until you try it!   Thank you all for your kindness and hospitality!

My new trailer arrived in the mail this day.  I was excited at first that "Veterans and Their Pets" had not only searched online for a duplicate trailer, but purchased one for me so that I may get back on the road.  At first being the key words for after looking at the size and shape of the box, it didn't take long to figure out that there was no way a 36"x32" trailer frame would fit in this box, not to mention the tires and wheels.  See photo below.

June 24, Saturday  I was invited to the EXIT Landmark Realty movie showing of Wonder Woman.  Bernadette Cole, Broker/Owner of EXIT Landmark Realty put on a family event to give thanks to its staff and their families for their support and cooperation.  A wonderful gesture and time it was.  It was my first movie in I don't know how long, and that's a long time!  Thank you all for having me!

June 25, Sunday, it is time to open a care package that had arrived earlier in the week from some very special people, Beth Walker and her son Jax.  Thank you both so very much for the kind and thoughtful gesture, I was both moved and touched as you can see in the video.  Thank you Genna Fleming for filming this moment!  Here is the link to that video... Care package opening.  (FYI, before posting this video publicly, I asked for and received permission to share this and another video with you all.  Thank you Beth for that!)

Prior to the opening of this package, I had decided, after consulting a few friends, that I would film two (2) separate videos.  The one you have just viewed, and a second, after I placed other objects in the box.  This was my attempt to bring a little fun, something I could offer in addition to my humble thanks.  This second video is the one I initially shared with Beth and her son Jax (they were not aware that I had already opened the package).  Alternate Care Package Opening Prank Care Package opening.

Later in the day here at Susan's house, we had our first steamed blue crab picnic of the tour.  In fact, I haven't had blue crab since I was in Clute where both Susan and I went to intermediate and high school together.

June 26, Monday, I met first with Joshua McKerrow, photographer, and then with Alex Mann, journalist,  both for the Capital Gazette.  I enjoyed Joshua's style as he was not afraid to state the shots he wanted and how he wanted me to help him obtain them.  Both of these guys left me with the impression that they shared a genuine interest in the story and it is a joy working with shared interests.  I suggest that you all read this article as Joshua and Alex brought a unique perspective to our story.  I personally enjoyed what Bonnie Martin shared with Alex via telephone.  She may have told me how she met us on the road side, but I was quite exhausted when she pulled me over.  Thank you Joshua, Alex, and the Capital Gazette for hearing and sharing our story and our mission for "Veterans and Their Pets"(SM).    

June 27, Tuesday, the article came out and I shared it.  I will continue this day when I remember what was done.  First I wish to thank Susan Fleming, Barry Fleming, Genna Fleming, and the two cats for allowing us to stay while parts and repairs are made.  Their lives have been interrupted by our visit, and I suspect that the cats are quite pissed off about it.  Thank you guys for everything!

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